Cheese & nutrition

Cheese is an integral part of everyday Greek meal, rich in flavor, aroma and valuable nutrients.

Cheese is traditionally the main dairy product of Greek diet.

Cheese position in the food pyramid suggests that it should be consumed on a daily basis in moderate amounts. The reason why such frequent consumption is recommended, is because cheese is an essential source of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, providing calcium, B vitamins, vitamin A and protein.


Cheese making in Greece is a centuries-long tradition. According to Greek mythology, the art of cheese making, which is said to be discovered by the son of Apollo, Aristeas, was given as a gift to humans by the gods of Olympus.

In Homer's “Odyssey” (8th century BC) we read about the manufacture of cheese from sheep and goat's milk by the one-eyed Cyclop Polyphemus. The art and the people of cheese making were also mentioned in the writings of Aristophanes, Hesychius and Aristotle. Moreover, it is said that cheese was regarded by ancient Greeks as a sacred food.
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